Qualcomm Wireless Reach

My friend Nathan and I were contracted by the Wireless Reach division of Qualcomm to create a video that adopted the current branding guidelines. This was a monumental task to say the least. We had to match the look established by corporate via a high budget, 6 person, 1 week endeavor. Except ours was happening in the span of one day with only two of us. And as always, under the budget constraints of the “corporate citizenship” ¬†arm that is Wireless Reach. With a little bit of forethought (shot list and storyboards) and the compact/lightweight form factor of modern gear we were able to grab the shots we needed from our list without wasting a single moment. All cameras and support gear (sliders, jib, tripods, etc.) was easily packable by the two of us.

Well, enough chatter. Here’s the video.